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A Queensland-based company on a mission, here at MUV we are dedicated to bringing you premium UV-protective sportswear to keep you looking great while you’re out and about under the harsh Australian sun.

A keen cyclist, runner, golfer, and general outdoor devotee, the founder of MUV Sportswear wanted to create some comfortable and stylish outdoor gear, that also provided protection from harmful UV rays.

Each fabric used to create our garments has been carefully selected to ensure optimum comfort, breathability, style and protection, no matter what the use.

We are very excited to share and provide our fellow outdoor devotees with practical and stylish protective sportswear, for all your outdoor endeavours!

Plenty of new concepts and ideas to come, so please, join our newsletter; follow us on instagram: @MUVsportswear; or drop us an email: service@muvsportswear.com.

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MUV Sportswear